• Happy Valentine's Day

    I recently found myself looking through my romantic anthology All for Love in search of inspiration for a new project and I came across Wendy Cope’s brilliant poem ‘Valentine’ which always makes me smile. I thought I would share it on this day of red roses and heart-shaped balloons. . .

    My heart has made its mind up
    And I’m afraid it’s you.
    Whatever you’ve got lined up
    My heart has made its mind up
    And if you can’t be signed up
    This year, next year will do.
    My heart has made its mind up
    And I’m afraid it’s you.

    Wendy Cope from Serious Concerns, 1992

    Many erudite people have said wonderful things about love over the centuries and it was a joy choosing which quotes and poems to include in the book. It also gave me the excuse to paint lots of swooning ladies and brooding gentlemen in period dress and inspired some of my favourite images 

    I think Valentine’s Day is really for fledgling couples in the first flush of romance rather than the long-married but I love this quote from Dorothy L. Sayers which rather sums it all up for me . . .

    ‘And what do all the great words come to in the end, but that? – I love you – I am at rest with you – I have come home.’

    Dorothy L. Sayers from Busman’s Honeymoon, 1937

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